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I specialize in transforming your ideas into high-quality software products across various platforms. My expertise lies in creating exceptional SaaS products and custom software to meet your business and customer requirements.

Every business is unique, and I'm committed to delivering solutions that are meticulously tailored to align with your goals and the expectations of your end-users.

Software Development

  • Web Applications: Developing functional, scalable, and reliable web applications to enhance user interaction.
  • Desktop Applications: Creating efficient desktop applications to meet your users needs.
  • Mobile Applications: Building user-friendly mobile applications for better connectivity with your audience.


  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): I implement modern CI/CD pipelines to ensure swift and reliable delivery of your software products.
  • Infrastructure Automation: I automate your infrastructure setup and management, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual errors.
  • Monitoring and Incident Management: I set up comprehensive monitoring systems and incident management processes to ensure the highest level of service reliability and performance.

Cost Reduction

  • Optimization: I analyze and optimize your software architectures and processes to significantly reduce operational and development costs.
  • Cloud Management: I help in managing and optimizing your cloud resources to ensure cost-effectiveness while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Project Lifecycle Support

From ideation to deployment and ongoing maintenance, I provide comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle to ensure the success and sustainability of your software products.

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About Aktagon Ltd.

Aktagon Ltd., based in Finland, is your reliable partner for software development needs. With over 20 years of expertise in building software, I have been dedicated to crafting user-friendly products for my clients since 2006. My approach is rooted in practical solutions and a deep understanding of my clients' goals.


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Feel free to reach out for collaborations or inquiries at [email protected].

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Seeking a partner to join forces on your upcoming project? Aktagon Ltd. is ready to collaborate and make it a success.

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